What Else Comes Into Play?

Let’s tackles the controversial topic of vaccines and autism. I suggest there are things parents should know about their child before making a decision and why most doctors don’t know this. This could be one reason why some kids get autism and some don’t and why vaccines could be behind the condition!

The Theory Behind Vaccines is Brilliant

I’m not a big fan of vaccines, but if you look at the theory of vaccines, the purpose is to give a person a small dose of the disease (e.g. measles) so that (going back to the immune system) it stimulates it stimulates a Th-1 response to help. It’s trying to kill the measles. BUT, you have to have enough of a dose that the person’s body can’t kill it, so it will stimulate a Th-2 response. That’s the B-cell response that will make antibodies. That’s why a person that’s vaccinated isn’t necessarily immunized. In immunization, that person has circulating antibodies against the thing that you vaccinated against. If I could measure the measles antibodies in my blood a month after I got vaccinated, then it worked, right? The problem is how do I know what dosage to give this person that’s going to stimulate a Th-1 and a Th-2 response so antibodies are made against that thing? Well you can’t even dose based upon weight. It’s totally based upon that person’s immune response, which is going to be individual. So doctors are just guessing.

In theory, if vaccines actually stimulated a Th-2 response and that person made antibodies against that thing in every case, then vaccines are a miracle! Right? The problem is that in order to stimulate that Th-2 response in a person, you have to give enough of the Measles that it’s going to give the person measles. So then they have to add these chemicals into the vaccines called adjuvants that will be other things to stimulate an immune response so that hopefully the B-cell response will then make antibodies against the measles and not against the other things. Because the adjuvants are inert that you can’t make antibodies against. So in theory, vaccination is phenomenal.

Vaccines, Detox, Genetics, and Autism

In real life, it doesn’t work quite so well. Especially when you’re dealing with a six pound baby that has no blood brain barrier yet, and you’re pumping them with the adjuvants, and if they have defects on the detoxification pathways that are supposed to get rid of those adjuvants, they’re going to circulate in the blood, because the liver is going to be a slow detoxer (because of those defects). They’re going to settle somewhere. And if it settles in the brain, it could cause all sorts of problems. So many anti-vaxxers want to yell, “Vaccines cause autism!” Well vaccines can, you can’t argue with that. It’s just physiology. But they don’t cause autism in everybody.

So if that baby has really healthy detox pathways, they could just flush those adjuvants out and have no problems. It’s when they don’t have healthy detox pathways, either because of genetic defects or because the mother was on medications so that baby’s liver is already taxed, or because physicians and nurses recommending Tylenol after a vaccine which shuts down a whole bunch of the methylation pathways (that’s a whole other conversation) then they’re going to be much slower detoxers.

Practically Speaking, Vaccinations in Babies are Near Child Abuse

So there’s other factors that are involved that should be addressed. But most general practitioners giving out vaccines don’t understand anything I just said about the genetics. So if you’re not educated in that manner, it’s kind of foolishness. So I recommend if you want to vaccinate your child, that’s great. You should know what their genetic pathways are like beforehand. If they’ve got PON1 pathway defects, if they have MTHFR pathway defects, if they have Cytochrome P450 pathway defects and you’re going to vaccinate…well, good luck with that. That could be child abuse. The sad thing is, people are ignorant of that. But there isn’t a reason. The knowledge is out there. Maybe there’s just not a lot of people that know what I’m saying is true, but you can do your own research and understand where these adjuvants detox on and the pathways that they detox on and look at that yourself. But to know that is important, and to not know that can be a grave decision that you make.

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