Autoimmune Lyme

If you are reading this, chances are you have Lyme disease, or someone you love has it. If antibiotics haven’t worked, in your search for health, you may have spent hours online researching other clinics or alternative therapies. If you found a Lyme-Literate Doctor, he or she may have told you that your initial infection has since

3 Phases of Lyme  1
progressed to chronic Lyme disease, for which your doctor prescribed a series of remedies. These remedies may have only taken you so far, as safe or natural as they may be. Try as you might to uproot the infection through heavy doses of antibiotics, herbal concoctions, or supplementation protocols, the symptoms do not go away, and over time, become worse.

What many doctors do not understand, even those considered to be Lyme-Literate, is that Lyme can progress to a further stage: Autoimmune Lyme, which must be approached from an altogether different frame of reference. Most people do not know that there are not just two stages of Lyme, there are three.

  1. Acute Lyme: A brief window of time in which the infection must be treated immediately. I recommend taking antibiotics at this stage. I was infected with Lyme twice and treated it at this stage.
  2. Chronic Lyme: Once even one bacteria enters a cell, antibiotics will begin to prove useless. At this stage, the bacteria begin to go intracellular, meld with the DNA of other microbes in the body, or take on a protective layer over their outside membrane. These tactics help them to hide from our immune response. You can still treat phase 2 with an herbal protocol; our clinic offers multiple. My daughter progressed into the chronic Lyme stage and we managed it here.
  3. Autoimmune Lyme. Once your body begins producing antibodies against your own self-tissue, there are a host of things you cannot An autoimmune condition is when your immune system produces antibodies to your own self-tissue. If you have Autoimmune Lyme, every time you use an herbal remedy to target Lyme, you will stimulate your immune response against your own cells. People in this condition are very sick because they are often taking “remedies” which gradually damage their health further. At Conners Clinic, most of our Lyme patients are in phase

The problem is, Lyme is difficult to kill. In my book, “The Three Phases of Lyme,” I describe in depth how each phase needs to be treated very differently. As determined as your immune system may be to eradicate the infection, once the Lyme bacteria enters your cells, the infection becomes chronic, it is impossible for it to remove the infection without help. If help doesn’t arrive soon enough, your immune system takes its battle tactics up a notch, and begins attacking your own cells to purge the invaders. It creates antibodies against your own cells, and for Autoimmune Lyme, the nervous system is usually a target. Once your immune system has created an antibody to identify a specific type of target, whenever the immune system is stimulated (whether it be through stress or through a remedy), it attacks everything which has been targeted—including your own cells.

It makes logical sense that to treat an infection, a doctor would want to support the patient’s immune system in doing the one thing it does best: destroying the unwelcome invaders. If the problem were as simple as that, your doctor could successfully prescribe antibiotics or a variety of natural remedies depending on its stage, and the immune system would take care of the rest. Yet, if the infection has become Autoimmune, every time you support your immune system, you support the destruction of your own cells. Few doctors, even natural doctors, understand this.

Your pursuit of freedom from Lyme may have drained your finances, your energy, and in some cases, even your hope to get healthy again. My goal is to be able to reach as many people as possible, which is why I have created many free resources. I have multiple books available online for download with no obligation, because I want to get the word out! To learn what phase you may be in, to understand the “why’s” behind Lyme, and to see a comprehensive map of our treatment protocols, you can download a copy of my book, The Three Phases of Lyme, at

May God bless you on your path to healing.