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(00:01) hello this is Dr. Kevin Conners again we are going to be talking about chronic Lyme disease and I’ve receives a general of these first few presentations and break this up into multiple presentations we are this is going to be kind of an overview for anybody that already has Lyme but I think it’ll be a helpful overview on how we look at Lyme disease here in our office and then we will get into some very deep discussions in further presentations on current research that’s out there that I will

(00:36) try to break out for you and give you the skinny on sub do possibilities for dealing with chronic Lyme disease you haven’t read my poker download my book please do so it would be helpful as well as any other books that you might be interested in alright so it’s obviously an unconventional disease the history real briefly stems back for the 1970s when some people in the little town of Lyme Connecticut hence the name live disease we’re starting to suffer some strange symptoms they did not know what

(01:16) caused it and that’s where we got the name Lyme disease now there’s a lot of different theories that surround this and we’re going to go deeper these in further discussions what major theory that most people that struggle with Lyme disease may hold on to is that the theory of Plum Island a plum island is a little island owned by the United States Department of Agriculture now but it was run by the US Department of Defense during the Cold War it’s right off of Lyme Connecticut and some of the

(01:55) theories are that during the Cold War there was experimentation with germ warfare at that facility now it is well known that the united states department of defense was experimenting with your welfare Worf warfare throughout the u.s. they were doing different studies they were trying to create it did create a cancer virus and that’s a whole discussion in itself but these are the theory goes that they created a bacteria from more feet and other bacteria and they were going to use a maybe possibly a tick at that time

(02:38) as an intermediate host and the thought was that they could fly over a country drop all these tix that would then you know affect the people and people would die no I I don’t really fully understand what was going through the minds of our leadership in this country what you’re talking about germ warfare because if you’re going to create a disease that’s going to kill millions and millions of people and break your enemy to their knees it was there thought that oh we can just inoculate our people with the

(03:13) vaccination that they’re going to be immune to that disease so none of our people are going to die but all their people are going to die it’s insanity so but this understand we have to understand the culture of the Cold War there was such unbelievable fear that the the US was going to be nuked by Russia and vice versa so we kind of got to give them a little understanding the of the fear that was involved now the u.s.

(03:47) certainly was not the only country that was experimented with crazy different ways to kill human beads during that time Russia was at the same time so we’ll go more to that into the theories of the howlive disease started at some Sun in some more in depth presentation to the future but I just wanted to kind of give you an overview it was in the 1980s that this scientist really named the Borrelia burgdorferi he was one who discovered it that it was named after him we know though that there’s there’s dozens of dozens and dozens of cocoa infections that go along with that

(04:30) so when a person has this type of gram-negative bacteria there’s other things that they also have that go along with that in the early 2000s that’s when at least the CDC started to recognize it for years they were just basically brushing it under the rug and pretending that it did it even exists even to this day they still fail to recognize chronic Lyme disease which which in itself for as I look at different the kind of conspiracy theory origins of Lyme disease it makes me start to believe that they may be true given the fact

(05:16) that the CDC is totally willing and so as every pharmaceutical company is willing to jump on a new disease that they could make money off of matter of fact you can’t listen to a commercial on television pharmaceutical commercial where they’re making up a new disease constantly and because they have a new drug for it why would they jump on lyme disease there has to be some political connection where maybe if they did jump on chronic Lyme disease there’d have to be a greater investigation into the

(05:51) cause and they it would be it would be a good thing if everybody really knew where it came from I don’t know maybe it was there protecting lawsuit I have no idea it just seems very strange that doctors are being persecuted for treaty the chronic Lyme disease then states have to have citizens you know bring petitions to their lawmakers to to give doctors of freedom of rights to treat chronic Lyme disease it just makes no sense to me so there’s something political behind the scenes hush-hush about the whole thing it’s just it’s a

(06:32) very sad situation for a lot of lime sufferers especially when you’re dealing with acute lineman I have patients that call me all the time what what should i do get some antibiotics my doctor won’t give me any antibiotics because the test came back negative even though I had this huge bullseye rash and I have these flu symptoms it’s insanity it’s absolute insanity how few doctors know anything about Lyme disease and how they’re the the clinics and the hospitals are basically telling the doctors that it

(07:07) doesn’t exist there’s something political going on today it is one of the fastest growing vector board infections in the United States the CDC estimates that there are over 300,000 new cases each year in the u.s. now if so few of them are be diagnosed and they’re saying 300,000 that’s a scary number that’s really possible out there it could be in the millions of people that are being infected with the Lyme disease every year it is a it is not you know you look at some maps I didn’t post

(07:45) any of this presentation but live disease really start an Eastern country now it’s literally in every state according to the recent research not yet in Hawaii but there’s probably lying cases in Hawaii you know it is a it’s insane how fast it’s spreading if in fact the government did produce this this bacteria experimentation it is a sad situation and understandably why they’d want to cover it up so why is it such a problem treating lyme better the biggest thing is that line heights so lyme disease the Borrelia burgdorferi

(08:29) bacteria is a gram-negative bacteria now if you listen to any of my other talks we talk about different types of bacteria their grant positive and gram negative bacteria gram-negative bacteria there’s other classifications but this gram-negative bacteria is different than other bacteria how the cell membrane is made up scram negative bacteria have what’s called a lipopolysaccharide in the cell membrane gram-negative bacteria also have the ability not all of them but some of them have the ability to go inside of a cell

(09:04) and hide inside the cell now this makes it very unique viruses go inside the cell that’s how they replicate typically bacteria do not go inside the cell so will you give somebody an antibiotic you’re able to eradicate the bacteria when you give somebody an antibiotic that has a virus you’re not able to eradicate the virus antibiotics do nothing against virus viruses are hiding inside the cell that’s how they live they don’t just live in the bloodstream of the host they go intracellular so it

(09:39) is with some of the gram-negative bacteria lime being one of them it has the ability to infiltrate the cell and hide inside the cell if it hides inside the cell that maybe instead your number where your immune system can’t kill it because it’s inside the cell and you’re a antibiotic can’t kill it so you have to catch it while it’s still extracellular while it’s still in the bloodstream if you’re going to kill it with antibiotic now normally if a virus infiltrates the cell the cell actually

(10:17) puts up a marker on the outside of the cell tele your immune system that it has been invaded so when the immune system sees this marker outside the cell the immune system will actually engulf that cell and destroy that entire cell killing the virus inside the cell as well so it can’t replicate that’s how your body kills viruses now if a cell has been infiltrated that marker should it’s a little protein marker that that the cell gives off so that the immune system could tell that it’s been invaded

(10:51) Lyme disease has the ability to disable that marker so now the Borrelia bacteria is inside the cell the immune system doesn’t know it so the immune system can’t find it Kid kill it it’s looking for this enemy that it’s that that was located in this area and now it’s got circulated immune cells trying to kill this bacteria and I can’t find it well you’re going to learn will we get to understand what stage 3 autumn of you’d live disease is that could be a huge problem because my immune system is

(11:32) like the US Marine Corps they are not going to give up until they find that antigen that enemy and they will actually start creating enemies out of their own self tissue if they can’t find the enemy and that’s when the person has very very debilitating symptoms so we’ll get to that so just hold on but the biggest problem with treaty line is that lime hides intracellular this is kind of a neat little slider there’s some studies done on root canals so root canals were tested for borrelia know if

(12:06) you have a whole presentation of the negative things about root canals but the problem with a root canal is that the root canal in itself you have this dying tooth that is super painful because it’s infected so the purpose of a root canal is we’re going to drill through the tooth get to the core the tooth we’re going to dig out the blood supply in the nerve supply and then fill it in and packed it in with some whatever feeling we’re going to put in there and now you still have this pretty tooth that you could chew things with

(12:37) but it’s a completely dead tooth now if you looked well you think that’s a good thing great now I don’t have any paid anymore now I still have my tooth I don’t ever hold it by in my gum and life goes on but the problem is a tooth is a porous material if we could take a tool to put it under a microscope it has all these little pores inside there it’s actually a living organism your truth is it’s a part of your body similar to bone just because it’s dense doesn’t mean it’s not living so tooth is a living dig

(13:14) it you took out the blood supply you took out the nerve supply and now basically you have a you have a hotel for bacteria so bacteria can stay in that root canal tooth live in a tooth even if you took a lot of IDA biotics even if you’ve smeared antibiotics oh that too so you took a whole bunch of herbals as you did all the things right there’s no they can’t penetrate the tooth because there’s no blood supply to the tooth left you did a root canal on it and removed it all so bacteria can house in that tooth so soon

(13:48) as your immune system drops down a little bit they go out of the tooth start replicating they start infected your body that your beard system kicks on to kill it ed the ones that are still in the tooth are still hiding in the tooth so oh it said nasty things so a root canal could be the cause of a person’s chronic infection now what I say cause it’s not really the cause it’s the hotel that the chronic infection could hide it and live there so well so does your viewed system drops a little bit they take off and it makes you

(14:21) really sick you fire in a muted response kill off the stuff that’s in the blood if you have a healthy immune system you continue to do that continue to do that continue to do that and all sorts of bad things can happen won’t be in an automobile this is to second reason why it’s hard to treat is that few people understand the lime stages few doctors that you go to understand any stages of lyme disease that’ll take a patient that has lyme symptoms going on for five or six months and they’ll put them on

(14:56) antibiotics well doxycycline is going to do very little for a person’s lime symptoms after there’d be on that acute stage it will help their symptoms for a short period of time because it will kill anything that is extracellular but it’s not going to do anything for the spirochetes that are intracellular within the salad so while they’re taking the antibiotic they feel a little bit better possibly and as soon as they go off their symptoms start to come back because you can’t kill the bacteria

(15:27) that’s inside so if you don’t understand the different stages of the disease it makes it more difficult to treat and last fewer still understand that the third stage that I speak about I know there’s a lot of writing about Lyme disease so what you’re going to hear from me is going to be different so there’s writing about Lyme disease that talks about two stages or talks about three stages you’re going to get over and over again what my definition of this three stages or three phases of Lyme disease are the third

(15:59) phase of my book is it’s moved to an autoimmune disease so you know hit that hard and heavy what an autoimmune disease is it is your immune system attacking yourself tissue because it was looking for the antigen ever an antigen in an immune response is anything that the immune system is turned on against in this case the Borrelia and it’s co-infections and now it’s attacking self tissue so we’ll get into that in depth so hold your horses and we’ll talk about that take home from this is that

(16:34) treat acute Lyme disease as soon as possible with antibiotics we’re going to talk more about that with the with the next presentation that you’ll get next week and if you do not get fairly instantaneous relief of your fever chills rash etc by taking antibiotics you probably miss the window so you can always call our office for help remember if you have questions you know we see people from all over the world with live disease and cancer so we’re always here to help all right I hope this helped we’re going to be going deeper and

(17:10) deeper as we go this is all due to you let’s do it again and we’ll talk to you soon.