Vaccine Detox Support Protocol for Experimental COVID-19 Injection

There is not enough research regarding the experimental COVID-19 injection to be assured that the following protocols will be effective [to any degree] in preventing, eliminating, or even reducing biological side-effects, both in the short-term or long-term. The following may not help you detox from vaccines.

Synthetic mRNA and its effects are not something any medical practice has dealt with prior to the present time. In the same way, the COVID-19 injection is an experimental procedure, all detoxification and cellular support recommendations are also an experiment in progress.

Additionally, there is no guarantee that by using a Rife machine or Ion Pro Wave programs [following receipt of the COVID-19 injections] a person’s symptoms will not worsen. The Rife’s frequencies are meant to stimulate an immune response to potential pathogens, which is exactly what the COVID-19 injection causes the body to manufacture: pathogenic spike proteins.

Therefore, use all the below recommendations at your own risk as this is for educational purposes only.

Our Vaccine Detox Protocol is for those who have received the vaccine and those exposed to vaccinated individuals.

Supplementation for Detoxing Vaccines

General Vaccine Detox Protocol

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chela-clear-120-caps-conners-clinic-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
Chela Clear
1 capsule: twice/day
with or without food
lumbroxym-62-capsules-u-s-enzymes-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
1 capsule: twice/day
mostly empty stomach
allicidin-60-caps-premier-research-labs-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
1 capsule: twice/day
with or without food
clear-cv-120-capsules-conners-clinic-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
Clear CV
1 capsule: three times/day
with or without food
nattoxym-enzymes-93-caps-u-s-enzymes-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
1 capsule: once/day
in the morning
biotoxin-binder-120-caps-cell-core-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
BioToxin Binder
1 capsule: three times/day
with or without food

Potential Vaccine Reactions of Rash, Itchiness, Skin Issues Could Add:

/natural-clear-hist-histamine-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
Natural Clear Hist
1-2 capsules: three times/day
with or without food
sun-balance-quercetin-luteolin-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
1 capsule: three times/day
with or without food

Potential Vaccine Reactions of Memory Issues, Headaches, Other Head/Neck/Brain Issues Could Add:

ai-autoimmune-formula-120-capsules-vaccine-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
1-2 capsules: three times/day
with or without food
membrin-30-capsules-ortho-molecular-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
1 capsule: three times/day
with or without food

Potential Vaccine Reactions of Severe Respiratory Symptoms Could Add:

Pneuma-Zyme-respiratory-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
1-2 capsules: three times/day
with or without food
PneumoVen-premier-research-labs-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
1-2 capsules: three times/day
with or without food

Long-Haul COVID-19

ursolic-acid-super-smart-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
Ursolic Acid
1-2 capsules: three times/day
with or without food
vira-clear-vaccine-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
Vira Clear
1-2 capsules: three times/day
with or without food

For Other Concerns Consider Adding:

ursolic-acid-super-smart-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
Pine Needle Tea
For all exposed
See recipe below ⬇
pine-essential-oil-15ml-young-living-young-living-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
Pine Essential Oil
Diffuse Pine or Spruce Oil
in your home
liposomal-vitamin-c-best-designs-for-health-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
Liposomal Vitamin C
Higher doses of Liposomal C
3 tsp split throughout the day
vira-clear-vaccine-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
Quercetin + Nettles
1-2 capsules: three times/day
with or without food

For Greater Liver and Detox Support Consider Adding:

phase-2-5-complete-detox-dr-kelly-halderman-prof-health-products-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
Phase 2.5 Complete Detox
1-2 capsules: three times/day
with or without food
liver-nd-premier-research-labs-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
1-3 tsp/day
split throughout the day
metal-x-synergy-90-caps-designs-for-health-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
Metal-X Synergy
1-2 capsules: three times/day
with or without food

Gut Binders and Chelators

pectasol-c-powder-454-g-econugenics-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
1-3 scoops/day
dissolved in orange juice or smoothie
ultra-binder-sensitive-formula-quicksilver-scientific-conners-clinic detox for vaccines
Ultra Binder
1 tsp/day
dissolved in orange juice or smoothie


If you are having other issues not mentioned, or you would simply like to speak with one of our practitioners, please call our clinic at (651) 739-1248 or visit this page.


Rife Programs for Healing

These programs come free with TrueRife Machines

  • DNA Repair program
  • DNA Repair Advanced program
  • Corona virus program
  • Viral Complex program
  • Flu and Respiratory Long Set program
  • Flu Overnight program


Rife Ion Pro Wave Programs for Healing

These programs come free with TrueRife Machines

  • DNA Repair IPW program
  • Covid 19 IPW program


Other Potential Therapies

  • Infrared Sauna Sessions – use an infrared sauna daily, as long as you can tolerate
  • Physical exercise – try to get physical exercise through walking/working out, at least 30 minutes per day
  • PEMF Therapy –  daily use of a home PEMF machine is recommended


Pine Tree Tea Recipe for COVID-19 M-Spike Protein Detox

PINE TEA: Possible Antidote for Spike Protein Transmission By Dr. Ariyana Love

“For a strong immune booster, I recommend simmering Pine needles with any other combination of Fir, Cedar, or Spruce. I am using a combination of half Pine and one third Spruce needles because that’s what grows in the forest next to my home.”

pine-spruce-tree-needles-conners-clinic detox for vaccines

Pine & Spruce Needles Pine Needle Tea

  • Take from the tips of the branches, just like you see in the image above
  • Use enough water to cover the needles
  • Bring water to a boil, remove it from heat and deposit the needles into the hot water.
  • Immediately cover the pan
  • Place your pan on a burner turned to low and let your tea simmer on lowest heat for 15-20 min.

Be sure to keep the lid on while it simmers and keep covered for three minutes until after removing your tea from the burner. You want to keep all essential Pine oil trapped inside your tea water so they do not evaporate out because this contains the most vital nutrients as well as the spike protein antidote. Pine needles and Pine tea are a super food and super antioxidant when used in moderation. It’s safe for everyone and will give a tremendous boost to your immune system, lift your mood and increase your energy.


Very Important Notes Regarding Pine Toxicity

Everyone must avoid Ponderosa Pine, especially pregnant women because it is both abortifacient and toxic.

Also avoid mistaking the Yew tree for Pine which looks similar and grows among Pine but is not in the same family of trees. Yew is known to cause abortions in 5-8% of cattle. All other Pine is edible.

Expectant mothers must be careful not to consume too much or too strong concentrates of the Pine needle tea to avoid excessive detoxifying.

Spruce needles have been used for thousands of years in Finland, as a dietary supplement.

We are being hit with bioweapons so I suggest drinking at least 3 to 6 cups of Pine needle tea each day. Your body will crave this nutritious tea and will tell you how much to consume. If you have a strong detox reaction reduce your intake.


If You Experience A Severe Adverse Reaction Following Injection:

There is data coming forward that Ivermectin is being used as a long-term off-label treatment for severe COVID-19 injection reactions such as tremors, seizures and other neuro-motor symptoms.

Access to Ivermectin is available through a licensed, prescribing doctor or medical clinic.

If you do not currently work with an allopathic practitioner, there is an option through America’s Frontline Doctors to access a prescription via telemedicine appointment. Follow the instructions provided to contact a physician. The cost of the consultation is $90 and takes anywhere from 2-7 days to complete, depending upon current demand.

We will continue to bring as much information regarding Sars-CoV-2 and COVID-19 as possible, and will update this blog with more information as it becomes available. Please understand that as censorship continues to grow we may need to alter these posts to accommodate such dictatorial mandates.



This information is for educational purposes only. We are not making the claim that these products or ingredients can prevent or treat potential COVID-19 vaccine injuries, or that they can help detox from vaccines. It is recommended that you do your own research and consult your physician before making any decisions on what to do for your health.