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Point 3 for Cancer Success

10 Points for Cancer - RIFE LIGHT Frequency Technology

Rife Overview by Dr. Kevin Conners | Conners Clinic

This is NOT a point to omit! I honestly believe that you would not be reading this book if it were not for Rife technology – because I wouldn’t have written it. I have seen WAY too many miracles from patients who were complete skeptics to dismiss the overwhelming evidence of its efficacy. As stated in my book, “Stop Fighting Cancer…” , you cannot take shortcuts; you need to get a good unit. Every person that comes to me for help goes home with a Rife unit. I personally program it specifically for them based on three parameters:

  • We create programs based on their diagnosis from the oncologist. Typically this is from the pathology report.
  • We create programs based on what I find in my examination.
  • We create programs based on what we find on the scan we perform.

The ‘programs’ that we create are in several ‘timed’ components. We usually program the Rife so members can sleep with the machine on. Every member will have a set of seven ‘overnight sets’ labeled Sunday through Saturday as well as some 'day sets'. This way, a person can get ready for bed, open the Rife program on their laptop computer connected to the Rife machine, select the appropriate night set and hit ‘run’. They then snuggle into bed with their night tube and get treated all night long. Snuggle up to your significant other and they too get the benefits of an increased pH and a healthier body – it’s a win-win!

Point 3 for Cancer Success

We also will create some specific daytime programs that can help a person overcome secondary effects of radiation, chemotherapy, and/or surgery if they are going the traditional route as well. Secondary programs for other conditions are often created depending of the patient’s particular circumstance.

In our office, the purchase of a Rife machine is rolled into our care plan as it is a necessity for all our members.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do NOT believe that Rife treats cancer or any disease. We do NOT treat cancer or any disease either. We believe in supporting the immune systems of our members through Biblical, God-given methods; we do not diagnose nor treat disease. While we do NOT believe the Rife works for everyone, we believe that it is not a coincidence that God would choose LIGHT to heal!

My thought is this: if you come to me with a literal death sentence from your oncologist (a usual patient in my office) and you are doing ANY better in six months (our typical care plan), why wouldn’t you want to own the machine? I assume you would and let you purchase it at my cost. If I was doing what I do for the money I’d have quit a long time ago!


I have some foundational beliefs in caring for those with cancer. One is that cancer is a verb that needs constant attention with lifestyle changes, which one can easily comply. The understanding that no one is cured from cancer from a stay at a clinic for 2-4 weeks birthed our 2-Day Intensive cancer program. People need an at-home program with a doable plan, equipment they use while they sleep, and the proper amount of hand-holding to see success.

Another core belief is that God is our healer. I may have a calling to help those with cancer but the answer to how we care for each person individually is humbly sought through His wisdom. I don’t believe in protocols. Each person is unique and needs to be treated individually. We build a plan around the patient, test each person for their specific needs, and recommend a specific diet and supplement approach that is exclusive to them. Genetic testing helps us be precise, giving us clues to what may be feeding their cancer and what precipitated the cause. Everyone is different.

When God called me to this unique approach, I asked myself, “What would I want if I was a cancer patient?” I realized that I would want therapy that I could do constantly, at home, every night, while I sleep, so that I could live a normal life during the day. I’d also want a program that doesn’t consume my day; after all, I want to beat this disease to live, not be possessed by a agenda that steals my time and every thought.

I don’t want people to be married to their treatment, meaning that it expends them from sunrise to sunset and ends up becoming an idol in their lives. I also don’t want people so dependent upon my clinic or upon me as a doctor that they’re incapable of making wise, educated & healthy decisions for their greater good and for the greater good of their families.

Point 3 for Cancer Success 1I’ve had patients who – prior to coming to me – couldn’t hold down a job or spend time with their children or grandchildren, because they had to do some procedure or some form of therapy all day long. I’ve had patients who struggled to ever leave their homes because they were taking in excess of 150+ different supplements and elixirs at a specific schedule. It was devastating to witness their effort to fight cancer, yet these patients were still essentially losing their lives. They were too busy “treating” their disease to actually LIVE.

At Conners Clinic, our goal for patients to have them come here for between 2-4 days {depending upon the specific treatment protocol or therapy package} where we develop a go-forward plan that they can bring home with them and implement into their daily life.

During their time with us, all of our cancer patients receive the following:

  • In-office testing to understand the cause behind their cancer.
  • Customized therapy equipment that is theirs to keep and permanently use in their homes – usually at night while they are sleeping.
  • A realistic, personalized nutritional plan.
  • A minimalistic, specific, nutraceutical plan that capitalizes on only the most important supplements necessary – most our patients are only on 2-5 different things – because ‘less is often more’.
  • Genetic testing to look at detoxification pathways, tumor suppressor genes, defects on metabolic pathways that may ‘feed’ cancer cells, and more.
  • Suggested at-home therapy & lifestyle protocols patients can incorporate when necessary.
  • Access to weekly conference ZOOM calls and educational lecture series where they have constant contact with our doctors and clinic staff.
  • Membership to our cancer patient support group where friendships are created and experiences are shared.

What good is a clinic’s therapeutic approach [to treating cancer] if the core therapy can’t be continued once the patient returns home? How effective is an approach that leaves little time to enjoy life? How practical is a method that requires extended stays away form home and family? While all may have merit, we believe in a better way. We believe in a home-focused approach to therapy, which doesn’t make patients dependent upon our clinic to “save” them, yet empowers the patient to succeed by giving them the tools necessary to accomplish their goals.


How to Implement Point Three

Find a doctor who knows as much about what I discussed in this section who can guide you through this path. Read the section in my book about Rife technology, other books on quantum physics, energy healing, and the frequencies that heal. I’ve had screaming skeptics become fast believers after they see results. But remember, nothing is magic; there is NO cure-all. You do not want to cut corners and guess with your life and you do not want to either do things you shouldn’t or not do things you should. The ONLY want that I know to determine these things is through AK testing.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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