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Detoxification – the Pillar of Health

Toxins = Dis-ease

Everything we absorb, either through ingestion, through the skin, or the lungs, is absorbed, enters into our bloodstream and circulates. If it is a nutrient, needed by the cells to thrive, the body's wisdom utilizes it to grow. If it is a toxin, our liver and kidneys work to remove it.

What happens when our liver is overloaded and cannot remove a toxin? What happens when our toxic load exceeds the ability of an even healthy liver to do its job? Toxins settle in cells. This toxic freeloader can cause cell damage, interupt function, and even be a cause of cancer.

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Of course, when we are talking about Lyme disease, we are talking about killing bacteria and co-infections. However, many autoimmune disorders are tied to biotoxins (living organisms) as initial causes (antigens).

Should a person already be in an autoimmune state, they NEED to be extremely careful in how they go about "killing" a biotoxin. We discuss this detail in the book, The 3 Phases of Lyme, a good read whether Lyme is your culprit or not.

EMFs - Electroctromagnetic Fields

We are surrounded by electrical activity at all times. While wifi signals are invisible, they are not harmless. The World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted that EMFs are potentially carcinogenic (there are many studies showing support for this claim.)

Harmful EMFs from cell towers and now 5G technology could spell doom for many of us! There are protective devices available but nothing is perfect.

5G Telecommunication tower antenna in morning sky Evening sky
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Our world is becoming more toxic by the day and our liver, no matter how healthy, just wasn't meant to be handling to that which it is being currently exposed. We will help you identify products in your home that you may not realize contain harmful toxins, and offer cleaner, natural recommendations.

Foods and Diets

Food, even organic, wholesome food, can often become a source of severe reaction if one has formed antibodies against such.

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"Understanding ALL SEVEN phases of detoxification is essential to re-gaining and maintaining health." Dr. Conners

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