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Our Clinic-Directed Care Plans


We’ll deliver your program right to your door!

1. OUR Nutritional Guided Plan


  • Specific Labs and Genetic Testing

Following a Case Review (where we gain information regarding your history and current care), we decide on specific labs that, along with a genetic test kit, will be mailed to directly to you with instructions on sample collection. Through information gained with the testing results, we will formulate a specific course of action, a protocol for you to follow.

We believe that, "too much of a good thing can be a bad thing." With supplements, what you consume and absorb, if your body doesn't need it to help kill the cause, your liver needs to detoxify it, and we never want to overload and overwork the liver.

  • Lab Review and Protocol

Once we receive the results back on a particular lab test, we will call and schedule a phone or ZOOM review. We will be using this to also develop your protocol for nutrition and diet. We may send detailed information sheets to you via email to help you follow your plan of action.

  • Genetic Review

This plan includes a number of follow-ups and a complete genetic ZOOM review. There are numerous markers that we want to view when dealing with Lyme and chronic diseases.

You will find it fascinating to better understand the role of your genes in disease. We encourage you to watch as many of Dr. Conners videos on genetics as well.

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Our Clinic-Directed Care Plans 1

2. Our Full Rife Plan

All our plans are done 'at a distance' - we deliver your entire program to you and you can remain in the comfort of your home.

We send you a saliva sample test kit that you will return to our office. Through this, we test just like you were in the clinic. We ship you your fully programmed Rife Machine and program binder with your diet and nutritional protocol - everything you need to be successful in your care.

Our “Full Rife Care Plan” is our Best Program.

This Plan includes everything in our Nutritional Guided Plan PLUS:

  • Testing for CAUSE and correction.
  • Testing for other nutritional interventions.
  • Initial lab cost and follow-up recommendations/reviews.
  • A protocol on diet.
  • Your programmed Rife and plan for use.
  • Genetic testing and follow-up results via ZOOM call.
  • Available follow-up phone consults.
  • This service is as personal as you can get for those that wanting to heal in the comfort of home. Call for more details.


You are ALWAYS a patient!

There is no 'end-point' when you start with us - meaning, you are always welcome to schedule follow-up phone appointments. There is a fee (our current regular fee schedule) for these.


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