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Our FULL In-Office Program


Our 2-Day, FOUR PILLAR Program

Our 2-day, in-office, taking home a RIFE machine (it is yours forever), receiving a detailed plan-of-attack, detailed diet and personal protocol, and having us be here for you, to hold your hand - program that can change your life!

Because of the uniqueness of our care and the fact that our approach to those with disease is different from most others, we have attracted people from across the country and as far away as Europe, Australia, India, Russia, Africa and Brazil. 

We understand that helping members with a previous diagnosis of cancer requires that they spend necessary time with us to start them on a path of healing. This is why we have developed our in-office plan where members are cared for in an individualized program that may look similar to what is listed below where we work to uncover our FOUR PILLARS necessary in every disease - 1 - Uncover the CAUSE, 2 - Specific Nutrition to help heal, 3 - Personal Rife frequencies to use continually at home, and 4 - Other supportive actions including detoxification and healing therapies.   

Our TWO DAY program is separated into morning and afternoon SESSIONS each day at our clinic.

Morning Sessions:  approximately 4 hours

  • Examination- We perform an examination to determine exactly the direction to proceed. This initial examination is done on either Monday or Wednesday morning, the initial day of support and it gives us indications as to which scans and further tests to run.  Dr. Conners relies on his 30 years of experience as well as lab testing to guide your unique protocol.
  • Scanning - doing a Scan of frequencies on the Rife enables us to be as specific as possible in programming the Rife for each person. Each session of Scanning takes approximately 3 hours. You should eat the morning before the Scan and be able to sit comfortably without pausing for at least 1 hour. The frequencies that create a physiological change in the patient are recorded and programmed by Dr. Conners into the overnight and day Rife frequencies that you will use at home.
  • What to Expect – Scanning is relaxing for the most part. You will be resting in a recliner while the scan takes place. You will not be permitted to use your cell phone or computer at this time. Anything that stresses you, including conversations can change the scan so it is a good idea to bring an iPod and headphones, read a good book, or nap at this time.
  • Education - each day you will be attending/watching various educational sessions to help you BEST utilize Dr. Conners therapies at home.

LUNCH - you will be given ample time to leave and eat lunch (or go back the hotel to rest) before your afternoon session begins.

Afternoon Sessions:  approximately 3 hours 

  • Detoxification Therapy – the afternoon sessions are more dedicated to start your detoxification and healing process. We utilize several therapy tools including Localized Hyperthermia, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen TherapyLaser, Light Beam Generator (LBG), and various lymphatic therapies. These therapies MAY be used, depending on your particular condition, each afternoon of your stay.
  • Education - since Dr. Conners believes so strongly in empowering our patients, teaching is important.
  • Exit Class - at the end of either your 2-day stay, we need to teach an 'exit class' with instructions on how to use the Rife at home and to make sure you understand all the other at-home work they need to continue withYou leave with the Rife and instructions on how to perform all at-home therapy.
  • Dietary Guidance - for many patients, we have our nutritional consultant follow-up with very specific dietary support to teach daily menus and help with food choices. Remember, we do NOT teach one protocol for everyone but instead build YOUR protocol for you alone.


Other Instructions – throughout your stay here we will also going over a complete diet, instructions for any other therapies you will be doing at home and basic how-to for everything you will need. We also place videos ON YOUR COMPUTER that you will receive with your Rife to teach you exactly WHAT to do when you get home as we understand that you may be in a slight state of 'overwhelm' when your are here.

Follow-up visits – several follow-up visits (in-office or via phone) are also included in this package and once you are a patient of Dr. Conners, you are a patient for life. However, it will be your responsibility to schedule your follow-ups and stay in touch, so we encourage you to schedule these before you leave the clinic.

What you'll be bringing Home

As opposed to other cancer clinics, your treatment only begins at the clinic. Your time here is your kickstart! You will be bringing your Rife machine home with you and using it every night while you sleep!



  • The Rife machine, which will take up about an equivalent space as a box that is 12 x 24 x 4 inches, the bulb, and cumputer will be yours to keep. You will be receiving a nice carry-on bag that it all fits into which you can either take as a carry-on onto the plane or pack into a larger suitcase.  We are also able to ship it directly to your home for the cost of the shipping if that would be easier.
  • Your nutritional protocol binder with your specific dietary program as well as the specific nutraceuticals for your healing.
  • Your plan for the next steps. We will not leave you orphaned - we encourage you to schedule your follow-ups (either in-office or over phone/Skype) with Dr. Conners before you leave.
  • Your plan to review your Genetic Test. Dr. Conners requires all his  patients to run a full genetic profile. While the results of this don't change your core protocol for healing, it does change the bigger picture in that we NEED to support the pathways affected by genetic SNP defects. This can be completed over-the-phone or Skype and will be VERY revealing.

Travel Details

Where to Fly – make flight arrangements into Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP). Most people either fly in on Sunday and make Monday morning their first visit then fly out Wednesday morning or fly in Tuesday afternoon and make their two day be Wednesday and Thursday, then fly out on Friday morning. We would also encourage you to spend a few extra days in Minnesota and could give you some ideas of places to visit. See www.exploreminnesota.com

who_what_when_where_2Where to stay, eat, and what to do - we will be emailing you our WELCOME PACKET with everything one would every need to know including your options on our discounted rate hotels.

Rental Car - It is best for you to rent a car for your stay in Minnesota as we are a short drive from beautiful scenery, the Mall of America and it will make your commute to the clinic much easier. We can recommend local accommodations and attractions.

Items to bring:

  • WE will supply a PC laptop to run the Rife machine at your bedside so you do NOT need you own computer. We use new, smaller Notebooks as they sit nicely at the bedside.
  • Bring any further Labs/Test results that were not already provided
  • Bring your current supplements, including the bottles.
  • Bring reading materials – we have a large library to choose from but bringing your own book may be best.
  • Please check the weather in Minnesota as winter can get very chilly and summer quite sticky. Make sure you bring appropriate clothing.

Financial Obligations

It is necessary that all financial plans are finalized before coming as the last thing we would want to see is any misunderstanding about our fees. The cost of our program, as described/or similar to the above, includes the Rife machine and all testing performed per doctor’s recommendation but does NOT include recommended supplements. Again, we want to be very clear:

au bureau_0020Paying for your care:

  1. Please contact Janelle with any questions on fees as we do NOT want ANY confusion in this matter – 651.739.1248
  2. Unfortunately, NO ONE will be allowed to start care prior to paying for their care. Please make necessary arrangements with Janelle.

How do you start the process?

Begin by calling our office directly.  Jane or Janelle will schedule you for your initial phone consultation with Dr. Conners.  PRIOR to the phone consultation, go back to the FIRST STEPS page of this site and download the New Patient Paperwork and complete it in detail as well as sign up with PMA by clicking the button on the FIRST STEPS page. Also, gather up any recent lab testing that you've had performed and fax that, along with your paperwork, back to our office a few days before your scheduled consultation.  Our fax number is 651.264.9844.

If you are at all computer savvy,  you may e-mail all your paperwork (preferred) to our office directly at ConnersClinic@gmail.com.

So remember, all New Patient Paperwork and recent labs MUST be sent to the clinic PRIOR to your consultation for Dr. Conners to discuss your case.


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