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Our Grateful Page – Patient Reviews and Testimonials

We want to give our patient/members an avenue to express their gratitude towards the God, the clinic, and others through this page. All testimonies are real and raw; we ask that everyone respect the privacy of those willing to share by not attempting to contact anyone without prior permissions.

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4.8/5 Stars - 21 Reviews


5/5 Stars - 70 Reviews




Michelle Cascio is celebrating the birth of her fifth child this Mother’s Day. She and husband, Tim, members of St. Stanislaus Oratory, Milwaukee, welcomed Ciara Marie into their family on Palm Sunday, and because of their deep faith in God, they are rejoicing in her arrival in spite of the fact Michelle is waging her own battle against pancreatic cancer.

After Michelle’s diagnosis, the couple worked with Dr. Kevin Conners of the Conners Clinic in Minnesota.

“He has turned us on to TrueRife technology, along with supplements, diet changes and detoxification methods. All were completely safe for the baby and non-toxic,” said Michelle, explaining they learned of Connors “through prayer and the prayer of others."

Jennie's testimony

"Dr. Conners, we love you. You have been more than a doctor to us. You have been my spiritual advisor many times. I told Jim (my husband) many times that I wish we could live next door to you and your wife and get to know you better.

How is it that you are going through this (cancer)? It seems so wrong and yet i know God has you in His hands. You have been like a father to me these past 8 years...we love you so much." - Jennie


Estefani's story will warm your heart and prove the goodness of God. "The natural way is hard sometimes because many people don't understand it; it goes against the grain," says mom, "but we trusted fully in God's sovereignty and knew He would never fail, no matter what."

Our Grateful Page - Patient Reviews and Testimonials 1
Estefani's Cancer Story | Inspiring Conners Clinic Review with Dr Kevin Conners
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Our Grateful Page - Patient Reviews and Testimonials 1
Tamara's Amazing Cancer Testimonial | Conners Clinic Review with Dr Kevin Conners

"You are the kindest, smartest, strongest, and most selfless people I have ever met! I just want you to know how thankful my family and I are for you. I prayed for months that God would give me guidance and direction in what to do for my cancer treatment. Then, all doors opened to you! You gave me so much peace and hope, I am forever thankful for all you have done for helping treat my cancer. Please know that I will pray for you and your family!" - T. H.

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me." - Jeremiah 29:11-13

Carmen's Testimony
Dr. Kevin Conners - Stephanie's Testimony
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“Dr. Kevin Conners is the most caring, knowledgeable doctor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. For those who have been diagnosed with cancer, his clinic should be the first choice. I would send myself or family member to Dr. Conners.” - Dr. Stephanie DeNaeyer


“I have known Dr. Conners for a number of years and you would be hard pressed to find someone more knowledgeable about cancer or who cares more about the people he works with.  I recommend Dr. Conners to everyone I know who is diagnosed with cancer, his treatment outcomes are the best I have found.” - Dr. Jim Hoeffling

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"People I know who have listened to me and done only treatments with Dr. Conners are thriving. People who didn't listen and went conventional are either dead or carrying around oxygen from the damage caused.

I know how scary this can be, but hang in there! With Dr. Conners help, my daughter is THRIVING even though the stupid government forced chemo and radiation on her, She wasn't supposed to learn anything new after (full brain) radiation, but she is doing pre-algebra now. She had brain cancer when she was 8 years old.

Sorry to be so blunt but I wish I could have said NO to them and protected her more!!!" - Karen Tautges Parisian

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"I would highly recommend Conners Clinic to anyone who wants to live a healthy, stress free life. As I was diagnosed with cancer, my doctor highly recommended that I go to Dr. Kevin Conners.

After much research of doctors and clinics across the country, I chose the Conners Clinic. I believe that God has given Dr. Conners much wisdom in the area of healing and his healing protocols are very effective. He is very humble and patient as he listens to our needs and concerns about our health, while giving attention to even the smallest details. He realizes that we are each unique and finds the CAUSE of our disease through applied kinesiology. He then gives a protocol for treatment which covers all areas of healing: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

He is very thorough and gives attention to details, which are important for our healing. His staff is amazing as they are so kind and loving and treat each patient as family. He and his staff then equip us to take care of our health from home. Dr. Conners gives a simple plan that is attainable, not wanting to add any additional stress to our lives. He even sends a binder home with step by step instructions for healing. I am thrilled to have found his clinic with their unique and thorough method of healing.



It’s not a surprise that his clinic is a very happy place as we see others recovering from their health challenges. I thank God for equipping Dr. Conners and his staff to help us live rich, productive and peaceful lives."  - Claudia V.

"Dr. Conners, you are such an inspiration to me and I know to many of us who have placed our confidence and faith in what you do. I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis but I feel so strongly that all will work out for the best possible outcome. I don’t know why bad things happen to such good people but perhaps if we don’t place the label of good or bad since it’s our thinking that makes it so, we can gain a better perspective on it all.

Many years ago I learned a technique called multiple positions. It is where you look out of your own eyes and see the experience just as you see it, hearing what you hear and feeling what you feel. Next, you take the position of a person who is looking back at you and you see yourself through their eyes. Seeing what they see, hearing what they hear and feeling what they feel. Then you look at the situation from a third or observer position and look at your situation from a more neutral position. Looking back at yourself from this perspective.


My favorite and most insightful for me is going to a fourth position and looking at my situation from God’s eyes. Seeing what he sees, hearing what he hears and feeling what he feels and most importantly listening for what he has to tell me. From each of these positions I gather information that is sometimes inspiring. It allows me to see my strength and my weaknesses. I believe that knowing cancer from more than one perspective will bless you and all of us in ways that are yet to be known.

You are the most wonderful person I have ever had the privilege of knowing and your staff is completely inspiring and all of you LIVE what you believe. It’s not just words that you say but beliefs that you truly live every day of your lives. The level of respect and love that I have is beyond measure. You are my Dr. but you feel more like my brother.

I thank God for you every day." - Patty Ross

"A very inspiring positive place to receive hope and healing. Dr Conners has a complex and unusual Knowledge of illnesses. He was able to diagnose and provide treatment that other physicians couldn't. I am so thankful he is able to provide the incredible care he gives. It helped me tremendously I also want to add his two assistants Jane and her daughter Janelle were very helpful , specializing In their own ways of caring. Can't say enough good about Conners Clinic!"  - Penny May

Our Grateful Page - Patient Reviews and Testimonials 3

"If your looking for someone that wants to help and find the cause of your sickness, Dr. Conners is the doctor for you."

Vicki & Kiera Velna

"I am so thankful we knew about Dr. Conners and had read his book before my wife was diagnosed with cancer, otherwise we would have likely reacted in fear. He gave us hope and wisdom, and taught us to ask good questions. Why did she get cancer? Is chemotherapy the best choice for her? Can she make changes to her life that aid her healing? Because Dr. Conners helped us to ask good questions, I am confident that we have found good answers. The visits to Conners Clinic were something that we actually looked forward to. His staff was very friendly and helpful, and we always felt that my wife was healing when she went there. We have great hope for my wife's coming years!" - Chad K

Patrick M's Testimony

"Celebrating God's faithfulness and the good works He is doing through all of you as you help us heal! I made dinner twice this wknd, went grocery shopping without a scooter, and attended my niece's 2nd bday party!! That's more than I've done in years!!

Thank you doesn't quite seem
strong enough! I love my time with all of you and last week was no exception. I love you each, and pray for you both in thankfulness and for your own needs." - Marcy Stone

Have a joyful week and "Do not grow weary in doing good..." - Gal 6:9

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"I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Two days before going in for a permanent colonocostomy, my husband and I felt the Lord leading us to look for a way to deal with this issue naturally. So we cancelled the surgery and started looking into natural healing methods. Three months after cancelling the surgery, he led me to Dr. Conners.

The first of many remarkable things was before Dr. Conners even met me, he offered to pray for me. That alone helped assure me I was in the right place at God’s timing. And then to find out that he was knowledgeable, a good teacher, and a good listener, I knew God’s hand was in this.

Dr. Conners introduced me to the Rife light to heal my body so that my body could fight off the cancer. He also emphasized using God’s Word daily along with positive thinking. God has really given us incredible brains and when I started intentionally using my brain in positive ways, I found that it helped decrease my pain that I was going through! I never knew until I met Dr. Conners that I could produce pain or decrease pain just by what I focused on and how peaceful I could be.


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Now over a year later, the caring, encouraging staff at Conners Clinic are like family. A quick phone call and my questions are answered. And they still continue to walk with me in prayer! This is definitely a healing place for your body and soul. I thank God for His blessings on Conners Clinic!" - Carol Loewe

Our Grateful Page - Patient Reviews and Testimonials 1

Our Grateful Page - Patient Reviews and Testimonials 5“I have referred several patients to Dr. Kevin Conners who needed help with cancer and lyme’s disease. I am happy to report that both are improving since starting on Dr. Conners recommendations. The breadth and depth of Dr. Conners knowledge combined with the power of prayer have been a Godsend to these patients who are able to continue living life. I will continue to send patients to Dr. Conners and if I end up with health challenges I need his specialized assistance with, I will consult him as well.”

Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC, DNMSc, BCIM. FICPA, FIFHI

Johnson Health & Wellness Center

Our Grateful Page - Patient Reviews and Testimonials 6“I have been in full time practice for 18 years and have had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most incredible functional medicine doctors anywhere.  Of the most gifted and effective doctors I have met is Dr. Kevin Conners.  Dr. Conners has been a gracious host to me in allowing me to visit his clinic and learn from him.  The amazing and unique work displayed at the Conners Clinic can only be described as first rate and nothing short of spectacular. Dr. Conners and his staff create a healing environment and deliver phenomenal results to a patient base that are truly some of the most health challenged individuals you can find. If you are a patient that is dealing with a debilitating and chronic problem and you are looking for answers, go see Dr. Conners and his staff. They are second to none. If you are a doctor and you ever have the opportunity to learn from Dr. Conners, do not pass it up!” - Dr. Robert Kuhn

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