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2. Our Nutritional Guided Plan

Specificity in Testing

If you are needing us to help guide you through some of your health decisions, our Nutritional Guided Plan may be a perfect fit.

Following a Case Review (where we gain information regarding your history and current care), we decide on specific labs that, along with a genetic test kit, will be mailed to directly to you with instructions on sample collection. Through information gained with the testing results, we will formulate a specific course of action, a protocol for you to follow.

We believe that, "too much of a good thing can be a bad thing." With supplements, what you consume and absorb, if your body doesn't need it to help kill the cause, your liver needs to detoxify it, and we never want to overload and overwork the liver.


Complete Genetic Review

This plan includes a number of follow-ups and a complete genetic ZOOM review. There are numerous markers that we want to view when dealing with Lyme and chronic diseases.

You will find it fascinating to better understand the role of your genes in disease. We encourage you to watch s many of Dr. Conners videos on genetics as well.

A Diet Unique to YOU

The purpose of testing for food antigens is to determine if there are any immune stimulating dietary components. This is CRUCIAL. Remember, anything that sparks an immune reaction will flair an autoimmune reaction. If a person has antibodies to a particular food (often never noticing any adverse reaction to such food) and this food is consumed, their Lyme/Autoimmune disorder will worsen.

We NEED to test for this!

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Cost for our Nutritional Guided Plan - $2900

We believe in complete transparency. We display all our costs and fees upfront as we try to 'do unto others' as we would want others to do to us.

If you would like more information about this or any other option at our clinic, please contact us at 651.739.1248 or complete the "Have Questions" below.

All of our Plans are performed at a Distance (there is no need to come to our clinic)

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