Your gallbladder is an important organ; it stores bile to be released into the small intestine, especially when you eat fats. Bile is the most important word in the last sentence. Bile helps breakdown fat and is the subject of this post but bile holds other, even more important functions in transporting toxins from the liver, but we’ll discuss that in later posts.

It is the “breakdown of fat” function of bile that is of importance for those lacking a gallbladder. Without the “waiting room” that the gallbladder imparts for bile, bile trickles into the small intestine from the liver at a relatively constant rate. This is fine for those accustomed to grazing their way through life by consuming foods (particularly fats) slowly and evenly through the day. They may rarely notice any symptoms of the missing organ. But, for those no so inclined, the absent organ may cause digestive upset.

Since bile serves as the major fat-digesting nutrient, a high-fat meal could sit in the small intestine like a bowling ball. Undigested fat may cause constipation, fatty stools, and most importantly, a lack of fat absorption.

No Gallbladder? Here's Help 1
We NEED good fats in our body to make new, healthy cell membranes. Our brain is made mostly of fat. A study a few years back proved that by simply consuming 3 tablespoons of coconut oil per day, elderly patients with early dementia improved memory and cognitive score in just 30 days! But, we NEED BILE to help breakdown fat in the GUT.

Those without a gallbladder suffer inadequate fat digestion and hence, poor absorption of fat and fat-soluble nutrients. How can one, having had their gallbladder removed, improve such problems? Add Ox Bile!

Ox Bile supplements taken with each meal can drastically improve the absorption of GOOD FATS necessary for the brain and cell membranes as well as the fat-soluble vitamins like E, K, D, and A. Ox Bile is readily available and generally inexpensive. Try one with each meal and maybe more with a more fatty meal. See the difference!