Finally! We’ve waited a long time to see these come in but IT HAS BEEN WORTH THE WAIT. We’re so excited to announce the launch of our own brand new line of supplements for those struggling with any of the 3 Phases of Lyme (Acute, Chronic, and Autoimmune) — custom formulated by Dr Conners with Professional Health Products

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Acute LX

First we’ve got Acute LX for those in the early, immediate stages of Lyme Disease. This is an immune stimulant.

Chronic LX

Next is Chronic LX for those well into their journey with #LymeDisease. This is also an immune stimulant (this is important to know!)


Lastly, we have AI for you who have struggled for years with Lyme and your body has begun creating antibodies against self-tissue. At this point you MUST NOT take immune stimulants (Acute LX & Chronic LX) else you will attack your own body even more.

Watch for more videos with information on each of these in the coming weeks!

These are available on our store

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New Lyme Disease Products Custom Formulated by Dr Conners with PHP! | Conners Clinic Live #20


Coming soon.