Mandatory Vaccinations Should Trouble Pro-Vaccine Adults

We’ve previously discussed making vaccinations mandatory in Minnesota a la the SF 1520 bill, but if you’ve been paying attention to the news (and social media) you know that mandatory vaccines are are a topic of interest not only in most states, but also at the federal level. That’s right, many politicians in our federal government are (and have been for years) working towards legalizing forced vaccinations.

Now, when most people hear this they immediately think about children. However we’re not merely talking about forcing babies to undergo an insane amount of chemical injections; adults are not excluded!

Some of the penalties for noncompliance that are being considered include the inability to renew your driver’s license or passport (e.g. you’re a prisoner), or even file your taxes (e.g. forced tax evasion.)

When a governing authority oversteps its bounds and starts mandating what people do with their bodies, upon threat of the sword, they’ve implemented a police state.

Forced Inoculation is Not Health Care

This topic goes beyond the pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine debate. We have discussed this already, so you know where we stand.

My intent in this post is for you to realize you have a RIGHT TO THAT CHOICE for YOUR body and your family. That right could be taken from you.
With these potential bills every adult and child in the US could be FORCED to take ALL vaccines that the CDC requires.
Do you realize they would be taking away your right to say no to vaccines that haven’t even been invented yet? There are currently HUNDREDS of vaccines in the pipelines in addition to the 70 something currently on the schedule (which is a lot more that the dozen or so you probably got as a child.) A 6 in 1 vaccine was just added to the schedule even after 36 infant deaths occurred in the trial…. (maybe you’d like to skip that one or wait for more testing) … you should be able to make that choice.
This is a slippery slope we absolutely should speak out against.
🛑They talked about how to enforce it for adults 🛑
⚠️Denying adults their ability to renew their driver’s license, professional licenses, and hunting/fishing license was suggested.
⚠️Not able to get or renew a passport.
⚠️Withholding tax returns. Not able to get insurance, etc…unless proof of vaccinations is submitted.
They’re not talking about your childhood vaccination records; it’s current vaccination records they will require: boosters on your childhood ones (because they wear off after a few years), proof of annual flu shots, and whatever other vaccine the government decides we should have.
✅ Here’s how we can all help: Call the US Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 every single day for the next 8 days and tell them your state and zipcode and then they’ll redirect your call and you tell them you DO NOT consent to blanket mandatory vaccinations.
This bill is unconstitutional and is taking our rights away as people. We should always retain our right to medical freedom.
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