How do I know I’m infected with Lyme disease? 

Figuring out whether you are infected by a tick that carries Lyme can be difficult. You may see physical evidence of a tick bite, with a red bullseye ring around the bitten area, a rash, or swelling. However, some may never even know they have gotten bitten & infected. If someone does not see physical evidence, typically they tend to wait until symptoms start to arise. 

If you know you have been bitten, it is best to save that tick within a piece of tape to identify it correctly. If you have the ability to get the tick tested locally, you can send it in for testing. Save this photo below to learn how to identify dangerous ticks. 



Even if you have not saved the tick for proper identification, it may be best to start treating the bitten area topically. In any case, education is the most important tool when dealing with a serious disease such as Lyme. The Lyme infected ticks may be different in our part of the world than yours, so we encourage you to complete some research on the tick population near you. 

It’s important to also be aware of these significant signs — 



The 5 Cardinal signs:

  • Ruber (redness)
  • Calor (swelling)
  • Tumor (swelling)
  • Dolor (pain)
  • Functio Laesa (loss of function)

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