Procedures for Grounding Your House For Maximum Beneficial Geomagnetic Resonance 

The first step needed to create superior energetics is to “ground” your house adequately. This will allow the static charges that tend to build up (on all objects in the house and on people who are “ungrounded”) to then drain and recycle with the earth’s energetics, creating a highly beneficial field inside the house. In addition, it will allow subtle energy charges that build up to drain and recycle as well. For maximum grounding of both electrostatic and subtle energy charges in a house, please do the following steps below.

The goal is to create high polarity soil energetics in order to entrain strong beneficial geomagnetic energy around the entire foundation of a house. Why? We are exposed to electromagnetic frequencies from everywhere; you just cannot escape them. Turn on a radio and its antenna receives radio waves that are flying through the air to transmit you favorite song. These waves, along with scatter radiation from your home electrical system, television waves, microwaves, and the worst, cellphone radiation, are all flowing through your home and your body. To say that they are NOT affecting us is ludicrous.

Grounding your house will allow the house to resonate with the earth’s natural frequencies; it is a good step. Poor soil quality at the house’s foundation “disconnects” and isolates the house’s energetics, creating unnatural and undesirable charges within the living space of the house. Creating better soil with the use of rock dust is extremely important in creating highly beneficial energetics inside a home (or office).

Basic Home “Grounding” Remediations 

A. Use Dragonite – This basic remediation is excellent and will help anchor better earth energetics around a home so that undesirable, “ungrounded” charges can be drained into the ground.
1. Mix one bag/box of Dragonite with one box of Volc together in a bag or 5 gallon bucket.
2. Outside your house, in the grass or dirt, sprinkle Volc and Dragonite mixture at the four corners of the house and at the exterior wall side of the bedroom. Use one approximately one cup of Dragonite and Volc (mixed together) per corner. Ideally, take a gardening tool and blend into the first 6 inches of soil, thoroughly mixing it into the soil. If there are more than 4 corners of the house, do this at all corners. Do NOT apply over landscape rock or bark. You can pull the landscape material back to expose the soil and apply there and then cover the application back up with the landscape material if desires, but the Dragonite/Volc mix must be in contact with the soil. You can also sprinkle the mix all the way around the perimeter of the house, concentrating more mix outside the bedrooms, where the WI-FI is located and near the kitchen. You obviously cannot go over the driveway or any sidewalks.
2. Electrical Box/ electrical entrance to house: Locate the electrical box to your house. It is located on an outside wall so simply work a cup or so of the Dragonite and Volc mix into the soil underneath/around the electrical box, at the base of the exterior wall.
3. Grounding Rod: Locate the grounding rod to your house. First make sure that it is properly connected and that it is in the ground! If it is not, then your home’s electrical system is NOT properly grounded! It is located on an outside wall so simply work a cup or so of the Dragonite and Volc mix into the soil underneath/around the grounding rod, at the base of the exterior wall.
5. Smart Meter: If you have a Smart Meter on an external wall of your house, simply work a cup or so of the Dragonite and Volc mix into the soil underneath/around the meter, at the base of the exterior wall.

B. Use Satic’s EMS – Satic’s line of Energy Management Systems (EMS) combines inspired engineering with the highest quality analog and digital components available to deliver the latest advancement in energy saving technologies resulting in unparalleled build quality, features, and benefits. The EMS will optimize and regulate your entire electrical system in real time. The delivery of clean power will consistently reduce heat, amps and consumption as well as the harmful effects caused by EMFs, electrical noise and negative harmonics on the system. These benefits will quickly translate directly to electrical savings and equipment longevity. The EMS line must not be confused with antiquated capacitor bank products using 150 year-old technology and uninspired engineering. Satic utilizes only the most advanced line of high-quality, harmonic resistant components available, each one thoroughly tested and validated. Satic’s advanced engineering has culminated in powerful circuit board integrated units that are compact, cost effective, and easy to install. There are three GES product lines, each include both plug-in and wire-in models, designed to make your entire electrical service more efficient and save money.

Battery-Operated Devices: EMF Remediation

To remediate any handheld devices and battery-operated devices, you would first ideally create a field where they are automatically neutralized, i.e. grounding your house as stated above. Cell Phones: EMF Remediation To remediate any type of cell phone; place a Hedron on the phone. The Hedron works to bio-energetically balance a cell phone whether or not you are in a “grounded” building. Our Newly upgraded and enhanced 5G ELITE cell phone Hedron harmonizer features all of the same great benefits as our original cell shield with added Human Performance Technology. It is 1/3 the thickness of our original shield allowing it to fit under more cases, and it is also JUST as effective whether placed on the phone or the outside of the case.

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