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Genetic Review

Your Genes 'tell your story', let's read yours

Start with a Personal Case Review with Dr. Conners and learn how to write your future:

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NOTE: We are now accepting a limited number of Genetic Review-only patients. Start with a Case Review.

Our Extended Genetic Consultations are available for local and distance patients

We understand that more complex cases require more in-depth, one-on-one time with Dr. Conners. This is why we created these plans.

Those wanting to speak directly with Dr. Conners and have him help walk them through the path of healing should choose to begin with a Case Review.

During the Case Review, Dr. Conners will offer suggestions for moving forward. Our Extended Genetic Review Plans range in cost from $2865 - $6500.

What may be included in these Plans:

  • Complete 30+ page Report on your 23andme test
  • Complete access to Dr. Conners video series on Understanding Your Genes via email
  • Phone/Skype/ZOOM follow-ups to personally review your 23andme Report with Dr. Conners
  • Access to other labs to determine other issues and the ROOT of your problem (separate fee for this is required)
  • A Nutritional Recommendation protocol based on your time with Dr. Conners, you complete health history, your labs, and per your Genetic SNP Report
  • Access to further phone/Skype/ZOOM Follow-up visits with Dr. Conners to review progress and make possible changes to your protocol
Kiera V.
"Dr. Conners is an amazing and caring doctor. I was very sick, and he helped me feel better. I now go to school, was in a musical and just made the POMS team. Plus, I wake up in the morning with no more throat or stomach pains!!"

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