What is Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine, and how does it differ from traditional medicine, or even chiropractic and naturopathy? In episode 3 of Conners Clinic Live Dr Kevin Conners interviews his old friend Dr Akiba Green and they discuss all things Functional Medicine, finding disease before conventional medicine, and more.

Dr Akiba Green has similar post-graduate studies as Dr Conners, including Functional Medicine and Integrative Cancer. At his clinic in North Carolina he provides Functional Neurology, Integrative Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Brain-Based Therapy, and more. Much like here at Conners Clinic, Dr Green takes a holistic approach to finding the CAUSE of disease 💚

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To learn more about Dr Akiba Green visit: DrAkibaGreen.com

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Functional Medicine: Root Causes & Finding Disease with Dr Akiba Green | Conners Clinic Live


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