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3. Our Full Rife Plan

What is Rife Therapy?

Rife Therapy, is using specific frequencies of light with the goal to help the body heal.  The Rife Machine was originally thought to target pathogens by means of matching the correct frequency or range of frequencies to help stimulate an immune attack on those cells. We now believe that Rife Therapy, while NOT a miracle cure or magic wand, can help a person detoxify, kill pathogens directly, and slowly heal.

The first Rife Machines were invented back in the 1920's by Royal Raymond Rife and have since been improved.

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Why We Use Rife Therapy

Rife Therapy was the first therapy that Dr. Conners employed when his first breast cancer patient asked for his help in 1999. She was given 3 months to live without chemotherapy. She chose not to do chemo and, with the help of Dr. Conners and Rife Therapy, lived another 13 years before succumbing to the disease.

"Rife is not a magic wand," says Dr. Conners, "but God has used it to heal many people."

Dr. Conners has since used Rife on thousands of Lyme patients. Having had Lyme three times himself, he believes that Rife therapy is the BEST way to treat Phase 3 Lyme!

The Science Behind Rife Therapy

It was a dark time medical history when doctors and clinics would claim all sorts of ‘cures’ and new devices popped up to solve all our ills. Many were nothing more than snake oil salesman, attempting to steal from the hurting population, but many were sincere, sacrificing their lives to find help for their patients. Raymond Rife was the latter and his discovery of the benefits of light frequency, a remarkable electronic therapy was sabotaged and buried by a ruthless group of men who, under the pretense of ‘protecting the innocent’ would squash anything that they could not financially profit from.

Rife’s work would re-emerge in the underground medical/alternative health world only since the 1970’s when it was re-introduced by some physicists. This is the story of Royal Raymond Rife and his fabulous discoveries and electronic instruments.

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Our Rife Plan

Our Full Rife, Level 2 Plan ($20,900) includes everything in our Nutritional Guided Plan PLUS a programmed Rife machine that's yours to keep. You receive:

  • A nutritional protocol with binder detailing recommendations on diet, lifestyle, etc.
  • Nutraceutical (supplement) recommendations specific to lab and genetic testing we will perform (lab kits sent to you for collection)
  • Necessary Rife equipment which includes the Rife, Hammer Bulb, Ion Pro Wave and laptop computer.  Conners Clinic specific programming is included with the Rife. This will include a personal program that the patient will use at night while sleeping.
  • Video Tutorials will be placed on your Rife computer.
  • Genetic testing work-up and Review (via ZOOM) when testing is completed.
  • Four follow up visits (over a ZOOM/Skype/phone call) with your assigned liaison for Rife help, Lab interpretation assistance and for your Genetic Review.


Cost for our Full Rife, Level 2 Plan - $20,900

We believe in complete transparency. We display all our costs and fees upfront as we try to 'do unto others' as we would want others to do to us.

If you would like more information about this or any other option at our clinic, please contact us at 651.739.1248 or complete the "Have Questions" below.

All of our Plans are performed at a Distance (there is no need to come to our clinic)

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