The Differences between CBD products

The CBD Hemp Oil industry have absolutely exploded in recent years, and still continues to grow. The problem with popular trends in the nutrition and supplement space is 1) despite the science behind the products, they tend to be downplayed and tossed into the snake oil category, and 2) cheap versions arise from groups simply looking to capitalize on the market with little regard for purity, efficacy, or even safety. It’s these issues that can make it difficult to get the right, helpful information out there to the people who need it.

In this episode, Dr Conners interviews Danielle Morgan, a representative for Evolv Health. Evolv has one of the best CBD Hemp Oil products available on the market, Entourage. This hemp oil has everything in it that Dr Conners would want in a CBD supplement. Listen to find out why!

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Evolv Entourage CBD Hemp Oil with Danielle Morgan | Conners Clinic Live


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