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Step 1 - Understand Your Options

This video will give you a walk-through of who we are, what we do, and what to expect should you decide to work with our clinic. Our care is unique and we want you to understand your options of care.

  • Self-directed care
  • Nutritional Guide Plan with us
  • Full Rife Plan with us
Dr. Kevin Conners | Conners Clinic - What we do for Lyme

Step 2 - Start with a Case Review

Everyone seeking a deeper level of care with us begins with an initial consultation called a Case Review. This is a 30-minute review of your history and current condition that allows both of us to decide if we are a 'good fit' in your healing journey.

Our Alternative Treatment FAQ page helps you understand our Case Review as well as how we practice and answers commonly asked questions that many seekers have.



Step 3 - Complete the On-Line Intake Form

We NEED the intake form completed prior to your Case Review so the doctor can review it. Please be as detailed as possible as this gives us the greatest opportunity to help you the most.

Note: Please complete the form on a desktop or laptop computer, no handheld devices!


Step 4 - Call and Schedule

Call (651) 739-1248  to schedule a Case Review with one of our practitioners.

Case Reviews Cost $199.00.


What Other Doctors are Saying...


“I have referred several patients to Dr. Kevin Conners who needed help with cancer and Lyme disease. I am happy to report that both are improving since starting on Dr. Conners recommendations. The breadth and depth of Dr. Conners knowledge combined with the power of prayer have been a Godsend to these patients who are able to continue living life. I will continue to send patients to Dr. Conners and if I end up with health challenges I need his specialized assistance with, I will consult him as well.”

Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC, DNMSc, BCIM. FICPA, FIFHI

Johnson Health & Wellness Center

“The amazing and unique work displayed at the Conners Clinic can only be described as first rate and nothing short of spectacular. Dr. Conners and his staff create a healing environment and deliver phenomenal results to a patient base that are truly some of the most health challenged individuals you can find. If you are a patient that is dealing with a debilitating and chronic problem and you are looking for answers, go see Dr. Conners and his staff. They are second to none. If you are a doctor and you ever have the opportunity to learn from Dr. Conners, do not pass it up!”

Dr. Robert Kuhn

Author of Return to Health

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