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Care for Chronic Conditions

“I believe we serve a sovereign God and he has ordained everyone for distinct purposes. One of mine is to share hope to those who are at the ‘end of their rope’. Those suffering from chronic, undiagnosed, often misdiagnosed, autoimmune disorders seem to be the outcast of the medical community since they have no real answers to offer them. If this is the state you are currently in, it is our desire to care for you”

– Dr. Conners

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What is Autoimmune - Rife Conference | Alternative Cancer Coaching

"One of the greatest tragedies we regularly experience is to see patients so grossly mismanaged. From Thyroid conditions being pacified with medication rather than being corrected to patients being labeled with idiopathic diagnoses simply to shut them up - these examples of medical ignorance leave people suffering for no other reason than their doctor being too lazy to figure out the cause!"


Our FOUR-RULES for Chronic Patients

RULE 1 – Is the patient autoimmune?

RULE 2 – What is the Antigen and How are we going to get RID of the antigen?

RULE 3 – Is the patient Th1 or Th2 dominant?

RULE 4 – How are we going to balance the rest of the organ systems?

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Download The 3 Phases of Lyme now for FREE!

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