This is an open letter from Megan Heimer to Focus on the Family’s pro-vaccine stance which, I too, think is completely unbiblical.

Dear Focus On the Family, You’re On the Wrong Side of the Vaccine Controversy

Dear Focus on the Family,

We need to talk. Sister to brother, friend to friend, one Christian homie to another. Recently, I’ve seen several other Christian organizations whose opinions I typically value, step into the vaccination controversy. These articles have all had three things in common: they support vaccines, are void of scientific and biblical citation, and fail to address the valid religious objections Christians have (or should have) to vaccines. 

Imagine the surprise of thousands (if not millions) of parents — some of whom have vaccine injured children or children who will never be able to subscribe to your magazine (because they were killed by a routine vaccination) — when they opened up your highly anticipated “Thriving Family Magazine,” only to see your stance on a polarizing subject that was neither scientific, nor biblically based.

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